My love for interior architecture has only evolved further over the last four years of studying. I have grown a huge passion for history, architecture and exploring unique places. I believe the design of a space must serve it's purpose to the users but more importantly, must create emotional connections. Space is a powerful tool to enhance the user’s experience and create a desire to stay. After all, life is all about what spaces we choose to spend our time in.

For my Capstone Project, I decided to research the complex relationship humans have with death and understand why it is inevitably reflected in the architecture where we spend our final days. I discovered a need for a building that promotes death positive behaviour and makes patients and their families feel loved and at peace during such a sensitive time. This led to the creation of Eve, an end-of-life care retreat that re-imagines the way we spend our final days on earth. I was inspired by Kübler-Ross’ 5 Stages of Grief, with a focus on the user’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Overall Eve promotes the idea that space has the power to foster a better end-of-life experience.

After graduation, I look forward to exploring this world and seeing what amazing spaces will inspire me in the future.