As a recent Interior Architecture graduate, I am eager to learn and expand my knowledge on design and architecture in the real world. My love for all things design began when I was lucky enough to travel to many different countries pre-pandemic. Experiencing new cultures and gaining new inspirations is my main goal in life and, I believe, seeing the world is the best way to do that. This has allowed me to design with many inspirations and influences in mind.

As a hard-working person, I take pride in my organisational skills and time
management. I am proficient at using Revit and rendering through Enscape, as well as using the Adobe products such as Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Lightroom. I really enjoy creating moodboards and physical colour boards, being hands on with the materials.

Throughout my studies at Swinburne, I have developed an interest in designing
public spaces that create different experiences for the community. Creating
environments that are sustainable and creative are what I strive to achieve.
I enjoy being part of team and working collaboratively bouncing ideas of
each other and creating beautiful spaces.