Hi, I'm Chloe.
Ever since a young age I have always enjoyed expressing my creativity, through arts and crafts, fashion, and dance. I quickly found a passion for interior design and loved creating internal spaces and floor plans in my own free time.

My passion for designing spaces for people has only flourished throughout my journey studying Interior Architecture at Swinburne University. I have been able to create spaces in a range of disciplines, such as residential, commercial, and environmental design, which has pushed me to try new things in each project I work on. I was fortunate enough to find industry placement in my third year of my studies. I experienced real life scenarios, such as interacting with clients, working with a design team, and conducting site visits. I was able to take these experiences and translate them into my final capstone project, showcasing my attention to detail. I aspire to learn even more about the way people interact with spaces as I continue my journey in the design industry.