From a young age, I have always had a great interest in creativity and design. My interest in design has grown over the past few years. All the skills that I have learned while working on several projects as well as learning new skills in practical working environment everyday enables me to follow my passion for design.

Beginning a new journey in the world of design in 2019 through Swinburne has led me to gain a set of skills in sketching, modelling, visualising, rendering and shaping myself as a designer. I personally enjoy every aspect of design from beginning to end because it allows designers to turn their visions into reality. As a detail-oriented person, I enjoy spending time designing interiors because it allows me to experiment with a variety of materials and finishes to create exciting interior spaces. Working in a design studio for the past year has allowed me to develop my professional skills while broadening my knowledge of the design industry. I enjoy everything I do, and I am excited to see where my design career takes me.