Since high school, I have been interested in interior design and since then opened up a world for me. During my years of studying design, I am gradually shaping the style I pursue. Learning design has made me realize personalities I never noticed before. With interest in discovering new things, I believe design revolves around people and requires understanding and learning about daily life and other aspects to incorporate into the design. It also helps me to use different software to put my ideas into practice. Whereas being detail-oriented helped me notice how a small detail can affect the big picture, the constant dialogue between the large and small, interior and exterior. Although pursuing this industry comes with a lot of pressure when it comes to projects, it trained me to work under pressure and strengthened my interest in interior architecture. The experience of two years studying in Vietnam and two years at Swinburne have supported me mature my personality and increased my confidence in myself and my designs. I am very excited to see how my journey in Interior Architecture will develop after graduation.