Hello, my name is Mak. I started this design journey with a heart full of passion and ended with amazing friendships, gratitude, and excitement for what the future has to offer. As a transfer student from Malaysia, I had to pick up the differences in learning materials while juggling the many aspects of life. Nonetheless, design has filled me with so much contentment that challenges became strengths, and experiences became knowledge.

Throughout my years of studies and work experience, I find myself enjoying design projects related to commercial, community, and social spaces. Besides, I also enjoy doing editorial work, reading, and writing in general. My forte has always been creating realistic visualisations using 3DS Max. Still, I always remember to step out of my comfort zone and explore the various divisions in interior architecture, like project management, materials and finishes, lighting and M&E, etc. I believe that only by having different skill sets can I achieve my definition of fulfilment as an interior architect.