Building upon a history of questioning and critiquing our built spaces and practice in digital art and photography, I’m motivated by an ongoing fascination with the unique directions the design world is taking us. From broad imaginings of our interwoven digital and physical spaces, the transitional domains in between, and down to the details that make those spaces an expression of us as both a collective society and as unique individuals, this fascination drives a highly conceptual approach to my work as a designer. It is this fascination that has encouraged me to continually explore new methods and technologies within the design field and their application to the built environment and artistic spheres while also recognising the element of human personality and spirit embedded in each. It has led me to undertake studies focused not only on the traditional elements of interior architecture, but to branch out and explore aspects of similar fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and creative digital and traditional art and design as a means of developing a holistic approach toward the design of our daily spaces. The final result is a design process that I would describe as exploratory, playful, and built around creating unique experiences of people, place, and the meanings constructed in between.