My name is Jinnapak Tangkoskul who is a Master of Design student. My discipline is communication design. I believe that design can make this world more aesthetic and livable.

Design always supports users no matter what kind of design is. I enjoy creating visual communication which will assist individuals understand complex content. Furthermore, I always admire all kinds of packaging. In my opinion, packaging design not only promotes and protects products but also creates uniqueness and awareness of brand value and products. I also love books and magazines. How publication design layout, theme or style of printing. The touch of paper is always interesting. Books always full of surprises.

I am also interested in UX/UI. Technology and the digital world have become part of today’s society. Challenge is how I adapt my background and skill to the digital world. Not only applications but also digital campaigns or online worlds such as a metaverse.

On the other hand, art and craft in traditional ways are always classic, beautiful and benefit people. I always enjoy all types of crafts, especially paper crafts. Watercolor and acrylic also help me to relax.

I am just an ordinary Thai woman who always stays in my comfort zone. Studying Master of Design at Swinburne University in Australia gives me more than knowledge and skills. I have learned and gained experiences in design as well as personal experience.