After years of learning and creative work, 2022 is the concluding chapter of my studies here at Swinburne University of Technology.
My name is Simon Ravenhill, and I am a Master of Design student with a background in communication design. I specialise in many mediums of communication design from brand and identities, to digital design, print works and photography. Through these, I use Adobe applications of Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Swinburne has given me the greatest opportunity to step outside the box, push the boundaries of design, adventure into developing products made from acrylic and plywood and also use other tools such as After Effects. I have learned the importance of relationships, ranging from teachers and supervisors to recently pitching to Swinburne’s counselling and mental health services. Outside of university, I have worked on various other projects with students from cinematography and posters on films to branding and logos for freelancers.

After 5 years of studying, the experiences this year have strengthened me as a designer, continuing to learn new skills, better management and taking risks in pursuing the future of design. I love meeting and working with groups of people. The sociable, happy group characteristics are what keep the work and environment very enjoyable and inspiring.