Nikolaus Hema is a Communication designer and a current Master of Design Student with a passion for 2D/3D Illustration, publication, UI/UX, graphics and web design. Prioritizing his client's needs and project deadlines leading him to crafting compelling design communications with human-centered and codesign approaches in mind.

Nik has well-developed skills using the Adobe programs Indesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator. Over the years of studying, Nik has developed skills and appreciation of design methodology which have rapidly improved his thinking to an industry level with an extreme passion in what he does.

Nik services clients working on projects that involve conceptual thinking, creative problem-solving, codesigning with research groups/customers and communication imperatives. Nik has undertaken a variety of design projects that have contributed to his growth as a motivated and open-minded designer that works great in both team and individual based environments.

Completing a Bachelor's degree of Communication design, Diploma of design and a Cert in Multi-media from Swinburne University, and currently a multidisciplinary design freelancer, Nik is seeking full-time employment in a studio with a focus on Communication & UI/UX design. In his spare time, Nik enjoys creating digital illustrations, tattooing, fitness training, photography and spending time with family and friends.