Hey there,

My name is Liv!

I am an illustrator and motion artist who wants to create extraordinary art, work on amazing projects, and collaborate with other creative people and brands to create meaningful and impactful work. I have a strong interest in storytelling, using beautiful illustrations and motion to connect with people.

Since I was a kid, I have always loved creating and making things. If it wasn’t teaching myself multiple instruments or making music, it was graffiti, short films, traditional painting, building and wiring arcades, or my non-stop doodling in my sketchbooks.

I am a curious and open person who draws inspiration from all different disciplines and areas in life. I believe keeping myself open to where new ideas can come from helps me to be able to create unique solutions and stories.

I’m an adaptable person who loves to explore new opportunities, processes, and workflows. I love working with people and collaborating, as these opportunities provide a space to grow and learn about people and new ideas.

I will be a 2022 graduate from Swinburne University of Technology, majoring in Motion Design and Digital Advertising Technology for my Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Media and Communication.