I am a 5th year architecture student currently studying a Masters of Architecture at Swinburne University of Technology. I was born in Melbourne, Australia, where i completed my high school studies in 2017. Although during my childhood years i was raised in Bairnsdale, Australia.

Architecture for me is very powerful as it can be interpreted in many forms and systems. In design their are endless possibilities that can influence ones behavior in a certain space and how they decide to interact with the building or environment, creating unique experiences for users that influences ones behaviour and how they feel or move throughout the space. Being a designer myself, i believe it is important to have a purpose or reasoning behind a design so the functionality can be maximised to its full potential, rather then purely designing for the sake of the appearance or aesthetics. The importance of the design can be adapted from multiple issues or events that surround our society alike social, political, cultural or environmental means.

Throughout my studies in university, i was involved in many architectural collaborative learning experiences that presented me with many opportunities to work on physical and digital platforms to generate successful projects that have allowed me to grow and improve my skills in architecture. I believe the design process is fundamental in producing quality work and is essential in challenging how we think of ideas that can be further pushed into better enhancing human experiences to improve the quality of life.