I am Jordan Veniamakis and I am a thesis masters student studying the Masters of Architecture and Urban Design. Prior to this, I also studied and completed the Advanced Diploma of Building Design and the Bachelor of Design (Architecture), both at Swinburne.

I grew up around a lot of building and construction with my family being involved in the industry. Being around this my entire life sparked my interest in architecture and built forms. Rather than just the physicality of putting things together, I wanted to learn about the way that spaces come together, the philosophy of built forms and how they can influence an individuals health, wellbeing and overall lifestyle.

I grew up in a rural town in Victoria, and have lived in Melbourne for several years. Partially because the architectural opportunities here are vastly greater. I’m currently working in a small scale architecture firm under the tutelage of two architects and a small team. Having this added experience has greatly assisted with my studies.