Hi, my name is Courtney, I am 24 years old and am a final year student studying a Bachelor of Innovation Design at Swinburne University looking for a graduate full-time job for next year. Before studying the Bachelor of Innovation Design at Swinburne University I was unaware of what exactly innovative design is and just how remarkable innovative thinking and design can be. The way I have come to learn about how design has a huge potential to impact the way we live, function in society and most importantly how we feel has resonated with me. Learning about innovative design, human-centred design and design thinking as well as experiencing just how incredible the design process can be has motivated me to continue to be curious, to learn more about the world we live in, the people we share it with and how we can help solve problems we all face today.

I also completed some graphic design units as electives including product visualisation, digital design, photography, typography, concepts & narratives, and web design. I enjoyed learning program skills associated with these units and being able to show my creativity.