A little bit about me

Through studying the Bachelor of Design, majoring in Branded Environments I have developed a sense of understanding in the ways I can be present with a creative thought, to push boundaries and excite my skills towards creating innovative unique designs.

I consider myself an extremely visual person. I enjoy a clean, crisp aesthetic, using colour as the power tool. My design approach is inspired by a range of personal experiences through travel, online and physical touch. I find myself consumed by a memorable experience, mostly when immersed by human senses to enrich the moment. This has developed my deeper interest and love in designing for an environment; creating the perfect experience from start to finish.

My interest in sustainability has rapidly grown and is more present in my designing thinking, through a holistic perspective and ethical goals being considerate of all surrounding factors. I believe a creative direction should start with an environmentally conscious mind to allow for intellectual, future focused outcomes that can help with the current and future climate crisis. Through my cross disciplinary skills and interests including temporary events and stores, experiential design, Interior design, communication design, logistics, and more, I hope to produce educated, progressive design ideas and strategies to make a positive impact and connection to the community.