Completing the Swinburne University double degree of Business and Design, majoring in Marketing and Branded Environments, Dominique has been able to explore and appreciate the interconnection of these two fields and the importance of thinking from a business and marketing point of view when designing any space. She is excited by the multiple disciplinary aspects of design, from experience design, interior design, graphic design, branding to styling. Dominique would like to pursue a career which incorporates both her degrees, being able to utilise the skills and knowledge she has gained from her time at Swinburne. 

Dominique wants to be a designer who is transparent, listens, understands, gains insight, empathises and explores new ideas allowing for an optimal and impactful outcome. Whether that be to a brand, a space, a community or an environment, her goal is to move people and make them feel at peace in a space. 

She is proficiently trained within the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Outside of her studies, Dominique spends the majority of her time with her family and friends. She loves connecting with her family and friends, always trying to create new experiences and memories with them. Since COVID-19, Dominique has delved into cooking and baking, making her own bread from scratch. When she isn’t baking or with her friends, you will find Dominique watching and quoting ‘Friends’ with her siblings.