Eve is a communication designer who is passionate about packaging design, publication layouts and brand identity. She believes that branding and packaging can help influence consumer perceptions of a company or product. As a result, she strives to create designs that auspiciously communicate brands and their values.

In the middle of this year, Eve completed a virtual overseas internship at MCH London, a full-service agency in London, England, as a junior graphic designer. Her work was showcased during game day of The Varsity Matches, an amateur rugby game between Cambridge and Oxford University. She also designed and developed brand guidelines, presentations and bouquet cards for Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design, a high-end London florist. Eve also worked with UK–based cosmetics brand DRMR, where she incorporated copywriting from a brand strategist into a communications guide. This opportunity encouraged Eve to further develop her design skills to create successful deliverables for real clients and briefs, and she looks forward to integrating this knowledge and experience into her future design endeavours.

In her spare time, Eve enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She has a keen interest in homewares and interior decoration, having worked with home decor for almost three years. If she wasn’t a designer, Eve would most likely have pursued a career in visual merchandising or psychology.