Hello! My name is Cindy Nguyen, and I am a Graphic designer and brand strategist. I’ve studied theBachelor of Design (Communication design major) at Swinburne University for the past 4 years. Ever since high school I’ve been freelancing and doing side hustles related to design or networking to learn more about the design industries.

I believe that marketing and design can help reflect the true purpose of a brand through storytelling. Marketing and design are two peas in a pod. With design applications there are skills, with the business application there is understanding, with design and business there is storytelling. All together, they create purpose for a client (or delicious peas). I can understand a client's vision by being in their shoes and translating that experience into communication design.

Aside from being an empathetic designer, my alter ego is my passion for fitness. I have been quite athletic throughout my life. I have settled for martial arts, Muay Thai and I am training for my first interclub hopefully next year. Also, fun fact, if I weren't pursuing a creative career, I would've done physiotherapy! I always stick to the kind of careers that complement my lifestyle.