Nick Owczarek is an artist, photographer and recently graduated graphic designer. He holds a Bachelor of Design with a Major in Communication from Swinburne University's School of Design, 2021.

He has worked with a variety of clients. This includes designing album art, vinyls and logo's for Nine2Five Records and their associated musicians, creating the visuals and layout for the cult card game STUCKIN and even designing the graphics for a one of one motorcycle helmet! Nick uses his abstract style that is influenced by period cartoon illustration to showcase his unique, personal style.

Recently Nick has worked on a project with Floating Waratah Australian Botanical Gin, that includes branding, packaging design and art direction for an ad campaign. The project creates a product line that included Blood Lime, Bush Lemon and Mountain Pepper Berry Gin that used both Nick's abstract pattern work and illustration style.

In his own time Nick is currently working on his own freelance work in both fine art and design. He also co-runs his own clothing brand called Taipan Clothing, which has been operating since 2017.