Bronte is in her third year of studying a Bachelor of Design at Swinburne University, with a strong drive for continuous learning and attention to detail. As a co-major student studying both Communication Design and Motion Design, Bronte considers herself to have a uniquely broad range of skills but is particularly interested in branding, typography and campaign design. However, Bronte feels most fulfilled when her projects work towards a greater cause, whether it be from her passion for the environment to equality and feminism. When working through her projects, Bronte is highly organised, with a precise working process, always circling back to the key problem the project aims to address, ensuring a successful outcome.

This strong work ethic led her to be chosen to design the brand mark ‘Resilience’ for this years ‘Grad X’ exhibition, as well as a semi-finalist in Unilever’s 2020 ‘Future of Plastics’ challenge. Bronte is an eager learner and believes this drive would make her suitable for a fast-paced work environment, surrounded by fellow creatives driven to make a change in the world. Bronte can be contacted through her social links below, and can’t wait to get out into the world of design and see where her passions take her.