Hi! I’m Mattea (she/her) and i’ve just completed my Bachelor in Communication Design with a minor in Branded environments at Swinburne University of Technology.

I’m a graphic designer and image-maker who is eager to design within the fashion, food and music industries. Specialising in branding, I have a passion for fulfilling individual clients needs. I have specifically pursued logo, poster and publication design and have secured small scale branding projects within fashion, jewellery and music. 

I own a small jewellery business @feral.stone, where i’ve been able to exercise my branding skills and create tangible pieces that display careful thought and curation.
This endeavour has pushed me to grasp a deeper understanding of branding and design as well as allowing me to experiment in roles such as art director, stylist and photographer. 

I am excited to use the skills i’ve learnt whilst completeing my degree and I would love to get in touch! Please say hello via my email [email protected] and feel free to visit my online portfolio to learn more about my projects.