Hi, I'm Ruby. Co-majoring in Communication Design and UX Interaction Design has allowed me to spend time exploring creative visual communication as well taking a user-centered approach to any project I’m working on. Studying this course has helped me develop my interest in improving interactions between people and the media and technology that they use in daily life by finding out more about them, understanding their needs, and using iterative design processes. I look forward to applying my skills to many more projects and continuing to learn and develop as a designer. This Summer I'll be participating in the Startmate Student Fellowship Program.

Sketching ideas and brainstorming possibilities for all sorts of creations is one of my favourite things to do and I love bouncing ideas back and forth with others. I also enjoy illustrating and often incorporate both vector and raster illustrations in projects. Focusing on people and how projects can best serve their users has helped me to focus my lifelong creative interests in a way that allows me to contribute to creating positive experiences for users and clients.

Thanks for visiting, I’d love to hear your feedback! Click on a project to visit my portfolio.