Olivia (she/her) is a Graphic and Web Designer and SEO Specialist living in Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in brand & identity, merchandise, digital advertising, SEO and web design. She is currently in her last year of completing a Bachelor of Design / Bachelor of Media and Communication at Swinburne University of Technology. She majors in Communication Design and Digital Advertising, with a minor in Photomedia.

“Art changes people, people change the world” is a quote that she adores from the wonderful John Butler. Art has been a part of who she is across her whole life; without it, quite frankly, she’d be lost. It’s a form of expression for her, and she loves being creative and hopes to make her mark on the world through her various creative outlets.

She currently works as a Graphic and Web Designer part-time and also takes on freelance work on the side in her spare time. Outside of design, she is a multi-instrumentalist with an avid passion for songwriting and music production.