It’s funny to think at the ripe age of twenty-one how I already can see why certain events have happened in my life and find it mind-blowing (but also extremely exciting) to know my story has only really just started. In my spare time, if it’s not self-development books I’m reading or financial podcasts I’m listening to, it is me spending time with my loved ones and enjoying life! In a world full of negatives, I love helping people and I especially love seeing people react positively through my actions and presence. For someone who can't sit still, I thrive in a busy environment and put 110% into everything I do. One thing I know for sure is my ‘career’ will be my life, my passion and my purpose, not just a job. Due to this uncertain direction I want to head in, I am open to exploring any area to find what really excites me.

Through the past four years completing my Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Business, I’ve been surprised in what I have really enjoyed. Through my portfolio, common elements have included being environmentally conscious where I can and normalising taboo subjects. The one area I have thoroughly enjoyed has been in product/packaging design, where brandmarks, surface graphics and an overall brand identity are required. I hope this portfolio suggests to you no matter what path or direction I decide to take and fall into, it will always be driven from the heart.