Hi there, glad to see you here, welcome to my page!

My name is Dinh (pronounced as Ying) and I’m a graphic designer, currently living in Melbourne. I'm in my final year of design at Swinburne University, finishing my Bachelor degree in Communication Design.

My love for illustration was the main point that kickstarted my journey at Swinburne. But throughout my time here, I’ve been exposed to numerous aspects of design and cultivated a great many interests. Currently, I’m happy to say that I thrive most in Branding, Publication, Illustration and Animation. I also love crafting, and since last summer, I started an online business selling hand-crafted accessories (you can find my store on Instagram @littlepebbles.st).

Besides design, I’m a huge movie fan, a music lover and a history buff. I’ve always enjoyed listening to people telling their stories learning about the world. This had led me to set out a goal, that every design I make should tell an engaging story.