Linda Liu is a recent graduate communication designer who specialises in branding, publication design and photography. Her belief in design is human-centred, where thinking and feeling are expressed through various disciplines and forms. She tries to understand the complexity of human nature and how it plays a role in design.

Recently, Linda has worked on a branding project with Miree, a Korean nail artist based in Melbourne. She developed a communication strategy to promote her brand that included art direction, photography, packaging and a publication design whilst producing a compelling visual identity. It helped establish her into the local Melbourne community where the number of clients and her followers increased by 30%.

Curiosity is the drive behind her design process; where she is systematic in her approach yet explorative and experimental. Her style continues to be reductive as she believes that striving for simplicity minimises the distraction to make the most out of each design. Outside of work, you can find her basking in the sun by the Merri, flirting between galleries or getting herself lost in the Australian bush.

She can be found through social media links below or email her at [email protected]