Hello, I'm Jessica Olivia and I'm a randomly curious but structured designer based in Indonesia who believes that design is more than design. I have graduated with a Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design from The One Academy College in 2019 and recently just graduated from Bachelor of Design in Communication Design from Swinburne University of Technology.

For me, besides aesthetic, design is about problem solving. I want to help build, grow, and tell clients’ story that reflects their image and value. I'm interested on publication, branding, packaging, and typography design but always open to doing, learning, and improving on the other design aspects. I have experiences from an internship and group projects that further my skills in design, communication, and able to adapt to any situations. The years of training and honing my skills in college and university prepared me to work professionally in the real world.

When I have time to refresh or in need of inspiration, I love to ‘hoard’ and ‘document’ random experiences, skills, and inspiration to improve myself. I like to spend time reading and watching anything—who knows what knowledge or inspiration you can get from them? I also enjoy experimenting with home cooking recipes and makes my family as the target audience taster.

In the future, I would like to meet and work with other people and have ideas and feedback flowing from each other that I believe can help me grow and matured as a designer and gain more real world design experience.