Lara Selzer is a recent graduate Communication Designer in Melbourne who is excited to start working alongside small businesses to create successful brand identities.

Lara is a Swinburne University of Technology graduate with relevant training and experience through her three years of study and graduate year internship. The internship was through Swinburne’s Work Integrated Learning Program where she created television advertisements and catalogues for the company. She holds a Bachelor of Design with a major in Communication Design. Lara specialises in branding, publications and illustrations. During her time at Swinburne, and the fact that she is from a small country town, Lara has found that she wants to become a designer for small businesses and people starting up. She believes that her clients can achieve their goals through a supportive client and designer relationship.

She progressively wants to push her creative thinking and process, and is excited to see where her future in design takes her. Lara can be contacted through her social links provided.