Carina is a Melbourne based Designer with a keen interest in visual design, digital illustration and photography. She loves to experiment with different media and visual styles, and appreciates a detailed and artistic approach, as well as a refined and cohesive colour palette. They believe the most important thing about a design is its ability to capture the attention and eye of an audience. The more unique, artistic and colourful, the more one will be attracted to the design.

Carina holds a Bachelor’s of Design, with a major in Communication Design, and a minor in Photomedia from Swinburne University of Technology.

Outside of her designs, Carina enjoys acrylic painting and digital art in various abstract and cartoonish styles as a form of mediation and a hobby, which they share on their instagram portfolio, as they believe that art should be shared and seen by all, as everyone needs colour in life.

While they are not sure what comes next on their design journey, she feels confident and excited about the possibilities ahead.