My name is Hope Matthews. I am a junior communication designer who currently holds a Bachelors of Design majoring in Communication from Swinburne the University of Technology.

Two elements of visual communication design which are the most important to me are, creating engaging visual brand identity which is consistent and coherent.

I work closely with each client to help them grow their personal and professional brands, implementing a manageable and quickly recognisable brand, ensuring that they stand out in the market.

It's essential to me as a designer and consumer, that I am designing for good, and I have used environmental advocacy as the basis of all of my designs, and plan to continue this throughout my personal and professional design practice.

I want to use my skill and knowledge to better our society and planet, and I believe that my role in this is important. I have landed coverage and experience as the sole designer for a brand just now entering the market space, my roles including brand identity design, social media content design, website and further communication needs.