Hi, I am Reynard Brooks.

I am very passionate about creating innovative solutions to people’s design problems. Being creative is something that I really enjoy, and something I intend to do for many years to come. When it comes to my skills and abilities, I am always trying to learn new things and improve. One of my passions is video editing and motion graphics. I also enjoy creating digital paintings with my Wacom Tablet. Print media is something I find rather interesting and often overlooked by newer designers. It is an area that can be truly rewarding when the project comes together. When you chose the right stock and the typography has been set correctly not a widow or a rag to be found.

When it comes to my attitude towards my work, I see myself as a dedicated and motivated person. If I don’t know something I won’t assume. I always keep my files organised and well structured. Not just for the sake of others but for myself too. I am ambitious and even though at the start of my design career. I aspire to become an art director one day if that chance does come my way. Until then I want to learn as much as I can and explore as much as I can in the design industry. Not just for the sake of doing that. Rather to become a better designer.