Joel Emmett just finished his final semester in a Bachelor of Communication Design. He believes that the best work that gets produces is having a clear channel with the client. Being able to effectively interact with the client from understanding the client's valued criticisms to offering advice to the client. It’s a two-way street that goes both ways when dealing with clients.

The area in graphic design in which Joel would like to continue to develop, would be creating branded campaigns. Where all the elements from the website to the physical poster, all come together to showcase a message that’s been crafted to a particular audience. While also integrating photography that captures the campaigns’ essence. Joel is looking to find a design job in 2022, where he can fit right in and work collaboratively within a team.

A skill that Joel learnt from his degree was creating mock-ups in Blender where he could showcase his work. Due to the limited printing access that he had due to the covid pandemic, it made learning other ways of representing work important. In this case Blender was a notable program for this type of 3D representation of Joel’s work. Some other things that Joel likes to do in his spare time is reading, camping and running.