My name is Yue Wang. I come from China. My undergraduate major is communication design and I am studying at Swinburne. I can use Adobe indesign and Adobe illustrator proficiently. And I am also good at using software such as XD, Photoshop and Premiere. I like to use procreate for drawing, and I am also good at hand drawing. In the year before graduation, I interned in a company in China, drawing exhibition posters, holiday cards, and designing a coffee brand for them. I want to have more innovative designs and improve my professional level in my future study and work, and be more proficient in using various Adobe design software. I love photography, and I also have some photography works. And I like to be with friends and I am good at communicating with others. This also allows me to actively communicate with group members and share my ideas with each other in group cooperation. I like to play games. I like the original paintings of these characters. I also followed a League of Legends painter and learned his drawing skills to improve my drawing ability. I like to constantly learn new design software. For example, I have taught myself Adobe XD, and 3D software on pad. I think this is interesting and can use these software to design different types of things. I like buying blind boxes very much and I like to collect them. This also gave me an interest in my own design, so I learned how to use "Nomad" to model.I like painting, so I always have a passion for design.