Hi there, this is Aaron! While not special, I do specialise in branding and marketing related materials and wish to carry this experience to work with independent business owners. The best effective design outcome is one that corresponds to their values, and effectively resonates with their target audience and I wouldn't have it any other way. I believe that having consistent and effective communication with all stakeholders allows for greater direction and progress resulting in the best resolution; translation: everybody wins. My biggest strengths, other than a positive attitude, is my critical analysis of design details and effective use of the Adobe suite, specifically programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign...maybe a little After Effects as well.

Do I have any experience working professionally in industry? No. Will I? Most definitely. After many years of experience at Swinburne University, I have been able to bring out various design outcomes that are compelling and received as industry standard. My academic achievements even helped me become a certified Golden Key Society member. Now, I wish to push the same quality towards professional projects going into industry.

I am of course a bachelor....a Bachelor of Design with a Major in Communications. However, before my degree I built experience, receiving a certificate and diploma in design as well. What about outside of design? Is this all I do? Not really...hopefully. My passions are also in cooking delicious hearty meals, playing piano (sometimes) and living a healthy lifestyle with consistent weight exercise and Taekwondo.