Alice is a fourth year design and business student at Swinburne University, majoring in marketing and visual communication design. She has designed several formal publications during her studies, notably an A4 publication for the Royal Botanic Gardens Annual Report and an A4 book that visualises Mark Binelli’s article ‘The Last Days of Detroit’.

Additionally, she also developed campaign designs for serious social and health issues. One of these campaigns was about domestic violence in Australia, while another was about the education of women’s health conditions such as Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. These campaigns challenged her to engage a specific target audience and solve the issue of presenting these serious and scary issues in a way that is welcoming and not polarising.

Alice has also recently completed a professional internship with Settle Easy, a online conveyancing company based in Melbourne, where she completed various graphic design tasks that were applied to the company’s social media profiles and to their website. This role allowed her to apply her design skills to mediums that would use them in real time and be shown to the public. Once she completes her double degree she hopes to obtain a role in the marketing industry where her graphic design skills can also be of use.