Kristina Tsartas is a graphic designer who works and collaborates with businesses and individuals to create design strategies that will bring their brands to life, and engage with their target audience.

With Kristina holding a Bachelor in Design and Business (with majors in Communication Design and Marketing), this makes her skilled in multiple areas including brand design, social media marketing, publication design and typography. Whilst also being proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and XD. Kristina has experience working in retail and hospitality which has made her highly experienced in her customer service, team-work and communication skills. Therefore, has allowed for her to gain a passion in helping others, solving problems and developing a genuine relationship and connection with all kinds of people.

Outside of design, Kristina loves to spend her time hanging out with the people she cares most about including her family, friends and of course her little white dog Jasper. Kristina also enjoys exploring all the coolest cafes and bars Melbourne has to offer since she's a huge foodie and loves to go out for food and drinks. Kristina also spends her spare time shopping either online, in store or at weekend markets when she has the extra time.

Kristina is really excited to see where life takes her after she graduates from uni and to begin her next chapter of life which is finding a full time job in her field of study.