My name is Imogen Baker, I have just completed my final semester at Swinburne, studying a Bachelor of Communication Design. My time at Swinburne has taught me resilience, in being able to take on constructive criticism effectively, and use those criticisms to improve my work and myself as a designer.

I have undertaken a couple freelance projects as a designer, and have had many jobs with customer facing roles, as a result of this I have a higher level of communication skills, and am able to more easily interpret the needs of those around me. Through experience completing group projects at Swinburne, I have discovered a passion for creating in a positive team environment, where you can build relationships and understand your best role as a designer.

Outside of designing, I enjoy cooking (particularly patisserie foods), illustrating with fine liner, and travelling. Travel is an important right of passage to myself, after living 21 out of my 24 years living in the small town of Echuca. Illustrating is also of great importance, as I started drawing from a very young age and have always attended art classes, it felt only natural to pick graphic design for my career.

My aspirations for the future are working at a graphic design studio that particularly focuses on brand and identity, editorials, and/or packaging design, as these are the areas in which I feel strongest and therefore most drawn to.