Stephanie Luong is a graphic designer based in Melbourne, who focuses on working and collaborating with other creatives and businesses to create design strategies to help visually communicate brands and engage target audiences.

Stephanie currently holds a double degree in Design and Business, majoring in Communication Design and Marketing at Swinburne University of Technology, where she is skilled and passionate in multiple areas including publication, branding and social media. Stephanie has experience in hospitality and retail which has resulted in her highly experienced customer service, communication skills, team working skills and problem-solving skills. This demonstrates her ability in creating meaningful and genuine connections with a diverse bunch.

Throughout her time in University she has demonstrated that she has accumulated an extensive amount of knowledge in both Communication Design and Marketing allowing her to use both fields of knowledge simultaneously. Stephanie is always willing to learn and is constantly updating her knowledge.

Outside of work, Stephanie loves to spend her free time exploring around Melbourne and hanging out with friends and family. Stephanie is also a big foodie that loves to try new cafes and restaurants.

Stephanie is looking forward to where her life will head next after graduating from university and is excited to start a new chapter of her life working in her field of expertise.