Genevieve Cann is a graphic designer who works with clients to create outstanding designs for packaging and publication. Born and raised in Queensland, she moved to Melbourne to study design and she is here to stay.
After studying visual art in High school, Genevieve made the transition to graphic design when she discovered her passion for packaging. Since then, she has grown to love all things print design.
Through her studies, Genevieve has developed experience working with a wide range of image-making methods, including but not limited to; digital illustration, acrylic painting, sculpture, collage,
and Photoshop. She is a trained designer with proficiency in designing for print, utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
Genevieve’s favourite part of the design process is idea and prototype generation. When She’s not designing, she creates art, always trying new techniques.
Genevieve has a Bachelor in Design (Communication Design) from Swinburne University of Technology.