Hi there, I’m Matthew Goljanin.
Currently I’m a Junior Visual Communication Designer who works with clients to create branding, illustration, and design needs. I believe that the more design work I can experience, the better creative outcomes I’ll be able to provide for people, offering clients a stronger outcome, and myself a moment of happiness and an ego boost which will last about 5 minutes.
I’ve worked with clients such as NICA and the salvation army throughout my uni experience.
I’m a trained designer, who has the ability to adapt and use countless design programs, both in the Adobe suite and other single design tools, allowing me to create graphics, multimedia, animation, film, video and more. Currently I’m exploring Adobe XD and asking myself “Can this please replace Dreamweaver, I don’t want to code html and css, I’ve suffered enough.”
I'm about to complete the Bachelor in Design from Swinburne university, and have completed a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design as well as a Certificate III in Screen and Media.
Values that resonate with me are dedication, persistence and exploration, each of these allow me to learn about my clients and understand what they want, as well as getting work finished even in mundane moments. Outside of work, I absorb myself in hobbies such as illustration and gaming, spending countless time surfing the Internet looking at artwork, and enjoy basic cooking.