Deepak Prakash was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

Deepak operates and runs his own social media pages under the name of 'Pak Designs', where he posts illustrations and does commission based work.

He is currently studying and completing his Bachelor of Design at Swinburne Institute of Technology, and has spent a large portion of his life learning about design and putting it into practice. This ranges from starting illustrating from a young age to helping people start businesses by creating logos and branding.

Deepak is a driven individual who has a strong willingness to constantly improve. He always attempts to seek someone more experienced in the field to get inspiration and ultimately improves upon that. His main focus in his career is to use his skills to make people smile and become an advocate for mental health awareness, and is inspired by the many people doing good work on social media(s). Outside of work, Deepak spends a large amount of time bettering himself physically at the gym, and loves gaming and reading. The latter two are massive inspirations in his design life.

He is an easy going person, but is passionate about making people smile - the kind that when running away from a pack of dingoes with two friends was laughing about how he could tell the story as funny as possible to those waiting at the camp.

Design was the best medium for a young Deepak to start, and he is still pursuing it to this day.