My name is Richard Tao, and I am a graphic designer, specialising in my love and passion for publication design. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Design at Swinburne University of Technology, majoring in Communication Design and minoring in Creative Writing. My first accomplishment was not publication design, but rather branding, where I designed the logo and labels for a small boutique business called Auntie Kit’s Chilli Oil. Unfortunately, due to the effects of COVID-19, Auntie Kit’s has since closed, and even to this day, I still yearn the unique taste of their special chilli oil.

However, throughout the journey of my life of design experiences, educational studies, and a real-life client, I realised my passion was not in branding and logo design, but rather in publication. I deeply admired the co-existence of graphics and words, how they work with one another to communicate beyond the expected. I relished playing with different hierarchies, as well as choosing the perfect font that would be suitable for its chosen design.

When I am not working, I write my heart out! I absolutely adore writing short cosmic horror fiction, whilst occasionally grinding away at a fantasy novel, constantly switching between the two. I would often attempt, and I mean “attempt”, to draw the characters in my stories. Sadly, that has yet to yield anything valuable due, no thanks to my immense lack of skill at drawing people, especially in the hand department. One of my reasons for enjoying publication design was sparked by my love for writing stories. One could say this was the catalyst for my long-delayed epiphany.