Hi there! Welcome to my page!

My name is Molly McGarrity, and im a graphic designer currently based in Melbourne. I am a communication design student graduating this year. Im is passionate about art and design and has had ink and paint-stained hands ever since I could remember. I am excited to step out into the industry and continue developing and refining my skills to become the best designer I can be.

Within each project, i believe keeping an open mind is a must! i believe failure as a young designer is a good thing because it allows you to reflect and learn from your mistakes. Through experience, application and keeping an open mind, I’ve allowed myself to express my creativity to a highly polished standard. I believe design should have a meaning. The plan should benefit the world. My degree has supported this idea and equipped me to produce various design solutions, from branding to packaging design.

As a designer, i am consciously aware of making better decisions. Whether using less paper or designing something completely digital, im passionate about minimising my environmental impact. I believe design is significant and has the power to change, and by making these choices, i can make a difference in the world one step at a time. With a creative will and vision, design shouldn’t just look good; it should do good as well!