I am currently in my fourth year of my double degree at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. I am doing a Bachelor of Media and Communications, majoring in Social Media and a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Communication Design.

Throughout my degrees so far I have developed a strong interest in the way social media can be used to influence marketing and communications within a business or industry and am eager to get my foot in the door to gain some insight into how it all works in a professional setting. Whilst my studies have been largely centred around social media I am also interested more broadly in how marketing strategies are determined and enacted.

In regard to design, I have a keen interest in brand identity and campaign design. I have learnt about the ways design can influence how messages are conveyed to consumers, through their communicative design decisions and find it really interesting. If given the opportunity to enter the corporate environment, I would love to see how these skills and techniques are used in a real-world setting.

As I continue to gain experience in professional environments, I am pushed to gain as much exposure, to as many different industries, as I can. I am eager to enter my professional career path, whatever that may be, and I hope to be able to apply my design and communications skills to help the organisations and individuals that I am working for succeed.