Xinjie(Yvonne) Wang is currently studying in the Bachelor of Design course in Swinburne now, she enjoyed her curse a lot. She was studying fashion design in her high school years, which was a lot of fun, then she accidentally discovered communication design when she talked to her fashion design teacher, she start to get interested in communication design.

she is good at using Ai, InDesign, and Photoshop. she designed books as an assignment in her diploma year, "The circle" and "The last days of Detriot". The past three years have really impacted her a lot in her design area.

In Yvonne's high school and uni years, she learned many skills and knowledge about design, she enjoyed staying in the design world, which is full of innovation and creation. It is a free zone to Yvonne, she can be herself and do all designs that come up to her brain with no fear.

She has a huge passion for design, loves to have a challenge and solve them. Contact Yvonne through her social media links on the right side.