Kristi Biezaite has recently completed Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) at Swinburne University. She is based in regional South Australia and works as a freelance designer and artist. In her design work, Kristi draws inspiration from both her natural surroundings and contemporary culture. She has been greatly influenced by her upbringing in Latvia, North-Eastern Europe, where craftiness and creativity, as well as the wonders of the natural world are in high regard. After studying sociology and social psychology Kristi embarked on work at an advertising agency and later went on to freelance in branding and identity design. Since moving to Australia in 2010 she has been responsible for nearly 100 unique labels and visual designs for the craft brewery she co-owns with her partner in South Australia. After finding a passion in creative illustration and gaining recognition at local art galleries, Kristi decided to embark on developing design skills with a University degree. Now having completed her Bachelor of Design at Swinburne, Kristi has branched out by not only offering design services, she also develops product labels for other businesses and has established her own screen printing workshop, as well as her own brand for natural fibre products - mainly processing sheep and camel wool using natural dyes.