Kaishi Li is a designer from China, Beijing and study in Australia Melbourne for almost 7 years. Kaishi doesn't look like a design person in his daily life. Compared with the role of designer, he is more like a person with split-personality. He found that it might be related to his various of hobbies. Except, design and art, Kaishi is also a sports person, he used to train for professional swimming at sports primary school for six years, this made him know many different kinds of sports. Kaishi also likes playing guitar and singing, one of his dreams is to become a street busker. Besides, Kaishi also likes to explore the mysteries and supernatural events of the world. Kaishi believes that huanms are not alone in the vast universe, but also aliens exist. Like the design belief he always insisted on, “To find the beauty of symmetry in asymmetry”. He thinks that a variety of hobbies can help him keep a balance between work and rest, thus finding passion and inspiration for his design. For kaishi, design is a tangible tool to bring his strange ideas into the reality.