A graduate of Communication Design at Swinburne University of Technology, Madeleine is a passionate designer who loves to tackle all creative challenges that come her way, no matter the subject matter. With a key interest in branding & user experience, Madeleine has combined her interests to create unique and exciting graphic, advertising & UX/UI designs. This is supported by her background in Marketing, which has lead Madeleine to priotises the importance of human-centred design, ensuring each of her creations are tailored specifically to the end users need.

​Her desire to grow as an artist pushes the young designer to take on a variety of challenges, as seen in her portfolio of work. Whether its designing a new logo, assembling an app for disabled Australian's or rebranding a non-for profit organisation, there is no limit to her interests and excitement for design.

Wherever her design journey takes her, Madeleine is excited to created designs that help all sorts of people, challenging herself through human-centred designs.