Adam is an arising Melbourne-based innovative graphic designer who specialises in branding, illustration, packing and visual problem-solving. Outside of work, he is a self-proclaim home cook, a STRICLY in-house standup comedian and a live-action angry bird because of his eyebrows (he's actually very friendly). He holds a Bachelor of Design with a major in Communication Design from Swinburne University of Technology.

After spending time at Swinburne to accumulate design knowledge and an extensive toolbox, Quan is thrilled to translate emotions and feeling through alluring and captivating visual design. Besides learning in school, Quan also spends his spare time studying design to sharpen his skills and knowledge.

One of Adam's works is featured on Swinburne Foundation and Unilink design's Instagram page (@swinburne_fp_design).

Outside of work, you will find him spending his free time at your local coffee shop, on a hike in sunny warm weather and any good restaurant you have in mind because food is his long life passion, he lives by the mantra "Live to eat", so hit him up next time if you want to go on a food adventure because he's always sure to have a list of places to go.