Kate Smedley


Currently I am undertaking a double degree in Business and Design, majoring in marketing and communication design while simultaneously working for Bunnings Warehouse as a click and collect supervisor and freelance graphic designer for the Social Game marketing agency. I value timeliness and attention to detail, hence I never want to hand in something I'm not happy with, leading to my healthy relationship with organisation.

Outside of work I probably spend too much time online shopping for clothes, where after-pay has become my new best friend. A huge part of this is because I love all aspects of design and it is even more fun when I am trying them on (unless I gets a size too small then its just time to eat my feelings). A big part of this is also my love for fashion brands and their brand identities, as brand design, publication, packaging and illustration are my top interests when it comes to the field.

At the Social Game I have been able to apply the skills I have developed through out uni, with a special focus on illustrator and indesign as programs I have grown to love (and hate at times). I have worked across multiple projects, creating posters, logos, instagram tiles and stories. One of my most recent projects was developing a golden ticket for a lucky finder, unfortunately the company didn't know what a die cut was so they didn't cut this out, this still haunts me every time I see it.